Boeing delivers second of three new aircraft to MIAT

NAMBC Member Boeing has delivered to MIAT Mongolian Airlines the second of three direct-purchase aircraft, a new Boeing 737-800. MIAT named the plane “Guyug Khaan,” in honor of the third ruler of the Mongol Empire and grandson of Chinggis Khaan. It arrived in Ulaanbaatar on May 10. The first plane, a Boeing 767-300ER, was delivered in May 2013. The newest of MIAT’s fleet of five Boeing aircraft can seat 162 passengers and fly 10 hours without re-fueling. MIAT spokesmen say the additional aircraft will allow MIAT to open new routes to Frankfurt in June and Singapore in October. The US Export-Import Bank facilitated the 3-plane deal, which was the result of an agreement signed in 2011 during President Ts. Elbegdorj’s visit to Washington, DC.





Boeing’s Scott Grimsby, NAMBC BoD Member, hands over new plane to MIAT VP N. Ganbold