Economic Development Ministry solicits bids for 14 road concession projects
due in UB starting July 1; 10 Build-Transfer, 4 Design-Build-Transfer

The Ministry of Economic Development of Mongolia (MED) issued a tender inviting competitive bids on 14 road construction concession projects, open to Mongolian or foreign companies or any consortium. Ten of the projects are Build-Transfer concession; four are Design-Build-Transfer. Click on the links below for the Ministry’s announcement and the text of the Concession Law of Mongolia. Full bidding documents can be obtained from the ministry upon payment of a non-refundable fee of MNT 3 million. The tender was published April 30 in UB, May 12 in the US and bids are due variously by July 1, 2 or 3, as specified in the announcement below. The law describes “Build-Transfer” as requiring the concessionaire to build the project using its own funds or funds it has raised, and then transfer the concession project to government ownership in accordance with conditions and terms in the agreement. “Design-Build-Transfer” is similar, but requires the concessionaire also to design the project.

Click here for MED Competitive Bidding Announcement & Project List

Click here for text of Concessions Law of Mongolia