Giant Made-in-USA CAT trucks arrive at Ukhaakhudag coal mine site 

On March 3, the first two giant Caterpillar Model 785C trucks were delivered by NAMBC Member Wagner Asia to the Ukhaakhudag coal mining project site near Tavan Tolgoi.  Ukhaakhudag is owned by Energy Resources, Inc., a Mongolian company, that recently signed an operating agreement with Leighton Mining Contractors.

These first two trucks are part of an initial order of five. Leighton plans to have a total of 11 CAT trucks on site by the end of 2009. Wagner Asia personnel drove the trucks to the mine site 650 km (about 255 miles) through the Gobi desert from Zamyn-Uud, the primary rail and road border crossing with China. The trucks were manufactured at a Caterpillar plant in Illinois. The 785C mining truck can carry a payload of 159 tons. It measures 36 feet long, 16 feet tall, and 19 feet wide.



Energy Resources, Leighton and Wagner Asia personnel welcome the first two CAT trucks to Ukhaakhudag