NAMBC's "Canadian Alumni of Mongolia" program is organizing as an independent self-governing NGO in Canada

The NAMBC is pleased to announce that two of the earliest members of our "Canadian Alumni of Mongolia" program (CAM) are organizing it as an independent, non-profit, self-governing NGO in Canada. Any Mongolian citizens who attended or are now attending high school, college, university, or technical training in Canada are eligible for membership, even if you did not graduate. CAM will be open to Mongolians who are permanent residents of Canada or are living in Canada with student or other temporary visa status as well as Mongolians living in other countries.

CAM's objectives are to: (1) promote Canadian education for Mongolian students; (2) promote establishment of a professional and social network for Mongolians in Canada; (3) promote outstanding achievements of alumni; (4) promote the exchange of ideas, and provide opportunities for continuing education; and (5) connect Mongolian graduates with Canadian companies and businesses that operate in Mongolia.

For further information, contact one of the two Co-Chairs of CAM: Bulgan Orgilsaikhan  at the Forbes & Manhattan Investment Bank in Toronto, [email protected], OR   Saruul Ayurzana, BA, CMA, Adjunct Professor at Algonquin College, [email protected]