National Language Service Corps (NLSC) seeks Mongolian speakers

The National Language Service Corps (NLSC) is seeking Mongolian language speakers in the United States willing to volunteer for occasional service to help their communities and fellow citizens, particularly in times of emergency or crisis when their language expertise can be a vital asset.

If interested, further information is available at
For additional details or to volunteer, contact Ms. Constance Briley, Recruiter,
National Language Service Corps, P.O. Box 12221, Arlington, Va.  22219-2221
1-888-729-6572 x.821, Cell 571-294-7097. (cell), [email protected]

The NLSC is a program supported and initiated by the US Department of Defense. The mission of the NLSC is to recruit a readily-available pool of individuals who have expertise in languages that are important to the security and welfare of the nation. The NLSC provides certification to qualified individuals as part of its enrollment process.