New 2013 Investment Climate Statement issued by US Embassy 

The US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar released its 2013 Mongolia Investment Climate Statement on January 11 , a comprehensive, thorough and very candid overview that deserves close reading. The full text of the 84 page statement is available below, as is the text of the 2012 statement for purposes of comparison . These reports are issued every year by every American embassy around the world, not just in Mongolia. Compiled after months of intensive review of documentary materials, extensive interviews with business leaders, Mongolian government officials, trade associations and diplomats from other embassies, the “Investment Climate Statement” identifies aspects of Mongolia’s investment regime that affect US investment into Mongolia; provides US investors with the information they need to accurately assess business risks; and serves as a basis for engaging the Mongolian government on FDI issues addressed in the report.

The statement straightforwardly discusses expropriatory language in various Mongolian laws passed and proposed since 2009, lack of implementation of regulations for a broad range of new laws passed in 2012 and related capacity issues, and growing uncertainty among investors about Mongolian policy directions, including the SEFIL foreign investment review law and repeated efforts by some Mongolian officials to abrogate the Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement, which undermines investor confidence in the sanctity of contract in Mongolia. 

Click here for full text of  NEW “2013 Investment Climate Statement"

Click here for full text of “2012 Investment Climate Statement"

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