New parliament sworn in with 31 seat Democratic Party plurality

The first session of the new State Great Hural elected on June 28 convened in Ulaanbaatar on July 6. At that time, four seats out of 76 were still undecided. The General Election Commission (GEC) officially certified the election of 72 MPs, including 44 who won in the direct election constituencies and 28 selected by proportional party list voting. Parliament will reconvene after the Naadam holiday.
Of the 72 seats, 31 seats went to the Democratic Party (DP) , 25 to the Mongolian People’s Party, two to the Civil Will-Green Party, 11 to former President Enkhbayar’s MPRP-MNDP Justice Coalition and three seats were won by independent candidates. The DP won a plurality but fell short of the 39 seats needed for a majority and is currently negotiating with other parties for a coalition. President Ts. Elbegdorj urged all parties to work swiftly and cooperatively to form a government as soon as possible.


PM Batbold casts his vote on June 28