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Full-Voting Membership for American and Canadian Companies & Individuals

DEFINITION Person(s) or organization(s) headquartered, incorporated and/or primarily based in the USA or Canada. Unless otherwise specified, categories are based on total gross annual income of the American or Canadian organization as reported to sovereign tax authorities, not limited to gross income derived from Mongolia.

  • Over US$1 billion                                                         US$4000 per calendar year
  • Over US$250 million but less than $1 billion        US$3000 per calendar year
  • Over US$3 million but less than $250 million       US$2000 per calendar year
  • Less than  US$3 million                                              US$ 750 per calendar year
  • Individuals                                                                      US$ 750 per calendar year
  • Not-for-profit organizations                                       US$ 600 per calendar year

Full-Voting Membership for Mongolian Companies & Individuals

DEFINITION -- To qualify as a Mongolian company for Voting Membership (or Non-Voting Membership), a company or individual must meet ALL of the first three requirements OR the fourth requirement as follows: (1) have a registered legal existence exclusively and only in Mongolia; AND (2) have no corporate relationship in equity, operating contract, repatriation of profit, or beneficial ownership, other than arm's length sales, supply or debt relationships, with corporations or persons in any other country; AND (3) pay corporate income taxes in Mongolia OR (4) be a Mongolian state-owned company or a formerly state-owned company that has been privatized.
  • Not-for-Profit organizations                         US$300 per calendar year
  • Individuals                                                         US$450 per calendar year
  • Less than $1 million gross revenue           US$450 per calendar year
  • More than US$1 million/less than               US$5 million US$650 per calendar year
  • More than US$5 million/less than               US$15 million US$950 per calendar year
  • More than US$15 million                               US$1200 per calendar year
Non-Voting Membership for Mongolians and Other Companies/ Individuals

DEFINITION -- Person(s) or organization(s) (1) conforming to the definition of a "Mongolian company,"2 is a citizen of Mongolia, (3) resides in Mongolia for most of the year, (4) holds nationalityother than Canadian, American or Mongolian or (5) otherwise approved by the NAMBC Board of Directors.

  • Individual or Company                                    US$150 per calendar year  
  • Student                                                               US$ 75 per calendar year  

Membership Application

FOR US & CANADIAN MEMBERS -- Please remit by check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank to North America-Mongolia Business Council OR by wire to NAMBC, Account # 00-19701-7 , ABA #: 056001066 , Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company, 621 King Street, Alexandria, VA, USA. Bank does not possess a SWIFT or BIC code. To cover a bank wire transfer charge, please add US$10.00 if wired from a U.S. bank or add US$25.00 if wired from a non-U.S. bank.

FOR MONGOLIAN MEMBERS Please remit either by bank wire transfer to Burke & Herbert Bank, as instructed above, OR by wire transfer to NAMBC, Account # 5003057118 , Agriculture Bank of Mongolia (a/k/a Khan Bank), Ulaanbaatar; for further information on UB transfer, contact Khulan, Executive Assistant to the President/Ag Bank, at [email protected]


FAX: 1-(703)-549-6526
1015 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA

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