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Business Opportunities

Listings in this section are free to individuals seeking employment related to Mongolia. Commercial listings are free to any member of the NAMBC. Non-Member for-profit companies are welcome also to post a listing here, US$5 per month, three month minimum, payable in advance. If you wish to have a notice posted, please send full information to the NAMBC office, email: (The NAMBC reserves the right to decline to post any listing).

Caveat Emptor -- The NAMBC does not investigate, verify, endorse or recommend any individual, vendor, venture, company or person placing these listings. These listings are offered as an informational service.

US-educated  Mongolian, 27, seeks job upon return to Mongolia 

Bayasgalan Ganpurev, 27, has lived in California for 12 years, graduating from Rio Mesa High School and Ventura Community College.  The eldest son in his family, he has temporarily shelved his plans to continue towards a bachelor’s degree in the US because of the urgent need for him to return to Mongolia in late January 2014 to take care of his elderly grandparents, who are in poor health.  He seeks employment in Mongolia.

Bayasgalan views his strengths as including excellent written and verbal communication skills both in English and Mongolian. He is proficient in all Windows Office programs, can deal with all computer hardware/software and has studied computer programming. He holds a California Class C machinery operating license and an international driving permit from AAA,  which is accepted in Mongolia for up to three months while he receives his local driver’s license.

Bayasgalan describes himself as “competent, outgoing, team oriented, and bilingual.” For a full resume and other information, contact him at, or his US cell phone, (818)274-7756, or his internet GMobile phone, 98326057.

Mongolian with 13+ years experience in data management & analysis in US seeks employment in Mongolia

Nomuna Nyamaa is an experienced senior level data analyst with academic background in finance and international commerce and policy. She seeks permanent employment in Mongolia. Through her work as a Systems and Data Analyst, Nomuna has been directly involved in the establishment of procedures and systems for managing government programs and achieving a successful result. These programs included domestic and international debt restructuring and collection efforts which involved all aspects of business operations and finance activities.  Nomuna has extensive hands-on experience in managing and analyzing data and designing and developing management level reporting and budget forecasting. She holds a BBA in Finance from the University of the District of Columbia and an MA in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University. She is fluent in Mongolian (native), English and Russian. For a full resume and additional details, contact Nomuna at +01- (703)-966-4437 or via email:

Mongolian student  with appropriate visa status seeks Internship in USA- Ms. Tserendulam (Tseegii) Jargalsaikhan, a junior in Finance and Accounting at Northeastern Illinois University, is seeking an internship in the US in accounting or finance. She has proper visa status and documentation authorizing her to work either in the USA or Mongolia. 

In 2007, she received a scholarship from the Global Leadership Foundation and moved to the US to attend Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois, where she earned her Associate Degree with honors in accounting in 2010. She also completed the H&R block tax course and obtained a certificate as a tax preparation specialist. In 2009, she worked as an unpaid volunteer in the "Ladder Up" NGO’s Tax Assistance Program, helping lower income American workers complete their tax returns. Since 2008, she has worked in the front office of an Illinois retail business, where she was soon promoted to store manager. Tseegi graduated  from the Lyceum in Ulaabaatar in 2006, where the curriculum was taught in Russian. Her strong analytical skills are reflected in her GPA of 3.64 . She is proficient in various computer programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point, QuickBooks, and Peachtree. Tsegi is fluent in Mongolian, English and Russian. For further information and a full resume, contact Tseegi at

Mongolian graduate with American BBA in accounting seeks US job  --
Ms. Erdenesuren Davaasuren recently graduated from the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. She has appropriate visa documentation to work in the US for a certain period of time.

She has interned at the Accounting and Finance Department of Sirius XM Satellite Radio and also at her University’s Foundation and Development Office.  She has experience  with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, QuickBooks, and GIMP programs, is fluent in English and Mongolian and also has basic knowledge of Russian and Japanese.

Erdenesuren was an active member of the Accounting Club and assisted other students with their accounting and business related assignments. She also organized and managed student cultural activities and advised students of upcoming educational programs at her previous university in Mongolia, the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, which she attended 2004-2005. She has worked since 2008 as a freelance translator for Asian Absolute, a translation company based in England and also worked at the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Mongolia. She received numerous scholarships and awards during her academic years for  accomplishments from both colleges.

She seeks employment in accounting, finance, or other business specializations as an accountant, auditor, or business analyst. She is currently located in Washington, DC but is willing to consider relocating. Contact her at for references, resume, log of activities (Sirius XM internship), and additional information.

American with recent MBA seeks Mongolia-related job opportunity -- 
Matthew C. Weiner, an American citizen, recently received his M.B.A. from the American UniversityKogod School of Business (Washington, DC), where he scored highest in his class in leadership and presentation skills. He is seeking an opportunity in which he can combine his education in international trade and supply chain management with his deep interest in Mongolia.

He obtained his B.A. from Oberlin College, where he was a fund-raiser for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. In 2004, he took a semester off to manage volunteers for the Kerry/Edwards Presidential campaign in Lorain County, Ohio. 

Matthew’s business school focus was on international trade and global supply chain management including the Mongolian transportation and logistics sector. Matthew has traveled in Mongolia, living with a Mongolian family in Ulaanbaatar, and visiting Khatgal and the Tsaatan people.  He has had significant part-time and summer employment with the US State Department Division of Economic Empowerment in Strategic Regions, the US-Mongolia Advisory Group, as a financial analyst with Chen Financial Planning, and as a partner in a South African start-up business.

Matthew has conducted independent original research on opportunities for improvement in rural economic conditions in both Mongolia and South Africa. He has managed teams of students exploring development of business plans for a Mongolian cashmere manufacturing facility and for a South African micro-finance institution. Matthew currently resides in Washington, D.C., but is willing to relocate. For a full resume, references and other information, contact him at

Mongolian 2010 MBA graduate with appropriate visa status seeks employment in USA -- Mr. Sainbat Baatar is receiving his MBA degree this month (December 2010) from California Life University's School of Business and Management and is seeking a job in the USA. He has proper visa status and documentation authorizing him to work in the US.

Sainbat earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with honors from the Institute of Finance and Economics (IFE) in Mongolia, where he also won the student banking competition. He received the High Diploma in Finance and Accounting from FTMS College of Singapore in 2007. He has had practical work experience in Mongolia. Sainbat was an assistant accountant for the NewCom Group, marketing officer for Summit Computer Technology LLC and an associate auditor in Ernst and Young in Ulaanbaatar. In the latter job, he assisted in auditing major companies and banks in Mongolia. He has also worked as a consultant to foreign investors in Mongolia.

His strong analytical skills are reflected in his excellent academic records. He is proficient in various computer programs, fluent in Mongolian and English and has basic knowledge of Russian. For further information and a full resume, contact Sainbat at

American citizen with 8 years of work experience in Mongolia seeks a challenging opportunity in Mongolia -- Wesley T. Nguyen has an international project/program management background in financial and private sector development. He has hands-on experience in developing coherent, integrated and quality programs (design, capacity building, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting) to match community needs. He is interested particularly in working in a multi-cultural environment, leading community /economic development or CSR initiatives in Mongolia.

With 14 years of professional experience in both the private and public sector, Wesley's technical expertise is in finance and economic growth initiatives. He had worked on several projects in these two areas providing technical support to micro-finance institutions (financial and non-financial services) and MSME development using MIS and IT applications. Wesley worked and volunteered overseas for eight years in five Asian countries. He has intermediate level language proficiency in Mongolian and Vietnamese with strong knowledge of their culture, social, political, and economic context.

Wesley is a graduate of Georgetown University where he received a BS in Business Administration. After four years as an overseas volunteer with the US Peace Corps and Volunteer Service Overseas (UK), he received his MBA degree from Australia 's La Trobe University Graduate School of Management. A native Californian, he currently resides in Ulaanbaatar and seeks a long term work commitment in Mongolia . Please contact him at for a full resume and additional information.


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