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- Prime Minister Altankhuyag to convene Mongolia Business Summit, June 19-20; Invites international participation to discuss “100 Days” reform program [Posted May
18, 2014]

- Economic Development Ministry solicits bids for 14 road concession projects due in UB starting July 1; 10 Build-Transfer, 4 Design-Build-Transfer [Posted May 13, 2014] 

- New addition to NAMBC board of directors elected at Ottawa AGM [Posted April 27, 2014]

- Vice Minister of Mining is expected as speaker at NAMBC’s Ottawa AGM, April 22-23, in addition to Ministry’s International Cooperation Director, five ambassadors, other government and corporate leaders [Posted March 30, 2014] 

- Summary report of Mongolia@PDAC conference available here; Minister Gankhuyag expresses optimism that “discrepancies” in laws would be addressed by parliament in the spring session [Posted March 15, 2014]

- Mining Minister Gankhuyag heads stellar line-up of speakers atMongolia@PDAC conference, March 4, Toronto; Free registration if received by February 25; $50 thereafter [Posted January 25, 2014]

- President Elbegdorj awards Order of the Polar Star to Jalsa Urubshurow, Co-Founder and Former Chairman of the NAMBC [Posted January 25, 2014]

- Register now for 2nd annual Mongolia@PDAC, March 4, Toronto
Free if you register before February 25
[Posted January 6, 2014]

- New World Bank report says Mongolia implemented three positive pro-business reforms for the second year in a row [Posted November 5, 2013]

- Mongolia decides to waive visas for Canadian visitors [Posted November 1, 2013]

- NAMBC Chairman Pam Slutz interviewed on “Jargal de facto” TV program [Posted October 17, 2013]

- Canada’s Governor General to visit Ulaanbaatar, October 24-26 [Posted October 11, 2013] 

- Scott Grimsby of Boeing joins NAMBC Board of Directors [Posted October 8, 2013]

- Parliament Chairman Z. Enkhbold headlines roundtable discussion at NAMBC Investors Conference, UB, September 24-26; Featured speakers include Environment Minister S. Oyun, UB Mayor/Governor E. Bat-Uul, Ambassador Greg Goldhawk & Ambassador Piper Campbell [Posted September 10, 2013] 

- NAMBC elects Ambassador Pam Slutz as new Chairman at 2013 AGM; Ambassador Anna Biolik and Todd Malan join the Board of Directors; Speakers express "cautious optimism" about future GoM policy. [Posted May 11, 2013]

- 16th Annual NAMBC Investors Conference set for 24-26 September 2013
in Ulaanbaatar; 10% early registration discount
[Posted April 25, 2013]

- Mongolia gets mixed ratings in new Fraser Institute Survey, ranks in upper third on composite index [Posted March 1, 2013] 

- Mongolian mining student wins logo design competitionfor 40th anniversary of Mongolia-Canada diplomatic relations [Posted February 28, 2013] 

- Register for Mongolia@PDAC 2013 special  events in Toronto, March 4 & 5 [Posted January 28, 2013]

- New 2013 Investment Climate Statement issued by US Embassy [Posted January 14, 2013] 

- April 19 is registration deadline for NAMBC 2013 Annual General Meeting,Washington, DC, May 7-8 ; Non-Members welcome [Posted January 13, 2013]

- Mongolia ranks 75th of 177 countries in 2013 Economic Freedom Index [Posted January 13, 2013]

- Oyu Tolgoi starts ore processing, on track for full production in 2013 [Posted December 29, 2012]

- Registration is open for "Coal Mongolia 2013", February 21-22 [Posted November 1, 2012]

- Sold Out! – Full house for 15th Annual Investors Conference in UB, October 16-18; Speakers include new cabinet ministers, ambassadors, leaders in mining, infrastructure and gasification technologies [Posted October 8, 2012] 

- MCA-Mongolia seeks new CEO; October 17 is deadline to apply [Posted October 1, 2012]

- US Embassy Issues 2012 Investment Climate Statement;Ambassador Campbell presents credentials to President Elbegdorj [Posted August 26, 2012]

- Still time to register for "Discover Mongolia 2012",Mongolia's premier mining trade show, August 30-September 1 [Posted August 20, 2012]

- Secretary Clinton praises Mongolia's democracy, emphasizes need for expansion of bilateral economic, trade and commercial ties [Posted July 11, 2012]

- First-ever Mongolian candidate accepted to West Point [Posted July 1, 2012]

- New parliament sworn in with 31 seat Democratic Party plurality [Posted July 1, 2012]

- USG seizes allegedly looted Mongolian dinosaur skeleton in New York City [Posted July 1, 2012]

- UN honors Elbegdorj with "Champion of the Earth Award" [Posted June 8, 2012]

- Minister Zorigt: No new mining exploration licenses for five years [Posted June 4, 2012]

- New Vice Chairman & 3 new directors elected at Ottawa Annual Meeting [posted April 26, 2012]

- All-star line-up of speakers at 22nd AGM in Ottawa, April 18-20; Last chance to register: April 12 is cut-off date [Posted April 1, 2012]

- NMNH Khoton 2011 Project produces valuable archeological data [Posted March 16, 2012]

- Mongolian GDP grew 17+% in 2011, could rise to between 20% and 46% in 2012; Inflation trends upward as IMF warns of excessive expansion [Posted January 25, 2012] 

- Tumentsogt Tsevegmid of GE joins NAMBC Board of Directors [Posted November 15, 2011]

- Washington Mongolian School and Ambassador Kh. Bekhbat host 5th Anniversary fundraiser on December 3 at Embassy [Posted November 14, 2011]

- Investment climate candidly assessed by Canadian and US Ambassadors
at 14th Annual NAMBC Investors Conference in Ulaanbaatar
[Posted October 13, 2011]

- Biden meets PM Batbold, praises Mongolia as a "shining example" [Posted August 24, 2011]

- Day-trip to Oyu Tolgoi is add-on option for registrants at 14th Annual Investors Conference and Ikh Tenger Roundtable, October 4-6, 2011 in Ulaanbaatar; Ambassador Greg Goldhawk of Canada will deliver keynote address on October 5 [posted August 15, 2011]

- USDOC trade mission to China-Mongolia, October 23-28, includes sightseeing and one full day of meetings in UB [posted July 10, 2011]

- President Elbegdorj decorates two NAMBC officers during US visit [Posted June 19, 2011]

- NAMBC elects three new members to Board of Directors. [Posted  April 29, 2011]

- MFAT State Secretary D. Tsogtbaatar, Governor Bill Weld, senior execs of four large mining companies featured at the NAMBC's 21st Annual General Meeting, April 27-28, 2011, Washington, DC; Peabody Energy is Host Sponsor. [Posted April 12, 2011]

- US Embassy issues 2011 report on Mongolia's investment climate. [Posted March 07, 2011]

- Two Ambassadors, Executive Director of Mongolian Mining Association and CEO of the EBI Think-Tank will speak at 22nd AGM in Ottawa, April 18-20, 2012; Registration deadline is April 4
[Posted January 27, 2011]

- Kay Priestly of Rio Tinto is newest member of NAMBC Board [Posted October 1, 2010]

- 13th Investors Conference features dinner with President Elbegdorj, Keynote Address by Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, panels on Mining, Workforce Training, Trade, Politics & Clean Energy [Posted August 30, 2010]

- Possible 2nd USDOC-Certified US Trade Mission to Mongolia in September 2010; contact us if interested in applying [Posted May 3, 2010]

- Speakers at Ottawa AGM emphasize asset protection, transparent mining regulation, broadening Canada-Mongolia trade relations, planning for first visit to Canada by Prime Minister Batbold [Posted May 2, 2010]

-NAMBC hosts Mongolian delegation to international franchising conference and Eisenhower Fellow from Ministry of Finance [Posted April 18, 2010]

- Jack Weatherford scores another hit with new Mongol Queens history; 
Mongolian edition is honored as "Book of the Year"
[Posted April 16, 2010]

- April 8 is deadline to register for NAMBC’s 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Ottawa, April 20-22; $50 surcharge for late registration [posted March 5, 2010]

- National Language Service Corps (NLSC) seeks Mongolian speakers [Posted March 5, 2010]

- Apply by April 1st for July trip to Mongolia sponsored by UB-Denver Sister Cities Committee; second trip planned for September 2010 [Posted March 1, 2010]

- US Embassy’s 2010 Mongolia Investment Climate Statement candidly
assesses FDI issues, including expropriation of uranium licenses
[Posted February 13, 2010]

- First Mongolia Economic Forum, February 8-9, in Ulaanbaatar jointly hosted by Prime Minister Batbold & President Elbegdorj;stakeholders can request invitation on-line at www.meforum.m
[Posted January 22, 2010]

- Education Minister Otgonbayar to speak on January 25 in Washington at Johns Hopkins SAIS on development of Mongolian democracy [Posted January 9, 2010]

- Register now -- US DOC's Fifth US-Mongolia Business Forum, January 13, 2010, Orlando , FL, will focus on agriculture [Posted December 1, 2009]

- New Mongolian Ambassador to Canada presents credentials to Governor General Michaelle Jean at Ottawa ceremony [Posted November 29, 2009]

- Sukhbaatar Batbold is elected as Mongolia’s 26th Prime Minister [Posted November 3, 2009]

- Prime Minister Sanjaa Bayar resigns for health reasons [Posted October 26, 2009]

- Long-awaited book on US-Mongolia relations by NAMBC Member Dr. Alicia Campi now available through Amazon, other booksellers [Posted October 15, 2009]

- Government of Mongolia signs Oyu Tolgoi Agreement on October 6 [Posted October 12, 2009]

- Mongols in Canada+US gather for first North America Mongolian Khuraldai , Denver, October 17; NAMBC sponsors business session. [Posted October 10, 2009]

- All-Mongolia weekend in Denver kicks off on October 16 with gala dinner opening the “Chinggis Khan” exhibition. [Posted October 10, 2009]

- NAMBC Chairman Edward T. Story Jr. receives Order of the Polar Star from President Ts. Elbegdorj in Ulaanbaatar ceremony [Posted September 24, 2009]

- Last chance to register for 12th Annual Investors Conference and Prime Minister’s Roundtable, September 14-16, Ulaanbaatar; Includes preliminary conference agenda, andregistration form.
[Posted September 2, 2009]

- NAMBC meets with President Elbegdorj to urge swift action on Oyu Tolgoi [Posted July 27, 2009]

- Mining and Oyu Tolgoi tops the agenda for 12th Annual Investors Conference [Posted June 28, 2009]

- Ambassador Mark Minton to bid farewell to Mongolia [Posted June 28, 2009]

- Canadian Ambassador Anna Biolik to deliver Keynote Address [Posted June 28, 2009]

- Canadian & US official delegations attend inauguration of President Elbegdorj; US Senate unanimously passes pro-Mongolia resolution on the same day [Posted on June 22, 2009]

- Keith Marshall of Rio Tinto is elected to NAMBC Board of Directors[Posted June 17, 2009]

- Registration is free for USDOC US-Mongolia Business Forum on  June 9 in Washington, DC; Foreign Minister will speak. [Posted on June 2, 2009]

- General Manager of Financial Regulatory Commission visits NAMBC [Posted on May 19, 2009]

- Cartan Sumner of Peabody Energy joins NAMBC Board of Directors [Posted May 15, 2009]

- NAMBC hosts ‘Mongolia Young Leaders Forum’ in Washington, DC [Posted on April 15, 2009]

- Cabinet endorses Oyu Tolgoi agreement, sends to Ikh Hural for approval. [posted March 12, 2009]

- Giant Made-in-USA CAT trucks arrive at Ukhaakhudag coal mine site. [Posted March 10, 2009]

- Mongolian National Debate Team competes in Washington, DC [posted February 13, 2009]

- Registration is open for 19th Annual General Meeting, Washington, DC
April 20-22; Theme is "Mongolia's Resurgent Economy"

- Registration now open for the 11th Annual Investors Conference, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, September 17-19, 2008

- Mongolian President N. Enkhbayar presents NAMBC President Steve Saunders with Mongolia's highest decoration [Posted November 13, 2007]

- Registration now open for the 18th AGM, Calgary, Alberta, April 16-18, 2008

- Sanj Bayar is new PM

- Register now for 10th Investors Conference and Prime Minister's Roundtable, Sept 18-20

- Ambassador Mark Minton will address Annual Meeting in Chicago, April 17-18, 2007

- Registration now open for 17th Annual General Meeting, at Mid-America Club in Chicago, April 17-18-19, 2007

- Thomas Christensen, Deputy Asst. Secretary, Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs, U.S. State Department at Business Council dinner in UB in February 2007

- MCA, Tax Reform, Mining & Diplomacy, at December NAMBC Meeting in UB

- Ambassador Mark Minton speaks at NAMBC monthly meeting

- Over 100 attend 9th Annual Investors Conference and Prime Minister’s Roundtable in UB, September 17-19

- Registration information for the 9th Annual Investors Conference and Prime Minister's Roundtable

- NAMBC's 16th Annual General Meeting in Ottawa, Canada's beautiful capital, April 26-28, 2006 "The New Mongolia at the 800th Anniversary"

- NAMBC forms "Committee of 100" to promote FTA;
Ambassador Joe Lake accepts co-chairmanship

- Ambassador John Dinger salutes merger of NAMBC and AMBG:
"NGOs must be big to influence government policy"

- London's Lord Mayor meets with NAMBC 

- US Ambassador Pam Slutz cuts the ribbon to open new NAMBC office
in Ulaanbaatar

- 13th AGM in Washington, DC, elects first Mongolian citizen as member of Board of Directors



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